11 gift ideas for your writer friend

Artists make this materialistic world better with their creativity and out of the box thinking. If you happen to be someone who has a writer friend then you get to watch them struggle, fail and succeed but learn at every stage of life as they discover a new fire in their passion. If you have a writer friend then their birthday calls for some special gift from online cake delivery to the mind blowing pen.

Don’t get him/her any random thing. Put your head together and think about what useful gift you can give to your friend’s special day to make it memorable.

If you are not sure about this check out these ideas. The below mentioned are great gift ideas for some time who is a blooming writer.

Wooden stationary case

Beautiful wooden stationery cases are unusual gifts that will surprise your writer friend. Buy a set that will look good and be organised on a study table. In this way, all the stationaries will remain in the right place.

Leather bound diary with lock and key

Writers gave hundreds of things going on in their heads. They are always occupied with one thought or the other. Private diaries or journals are their saviours. Plus noting down something enlightening every day is a grateful habit. A private diary with love and a key system is great to keep all secrets locked away from careless mouths.

Doodle collection soft notebooks

Exclusive doodle collection short notebooks can rekindle the fun of composing lines. Soft pages and vibrant designs will automatically fill any writer with waves of new ideas.

Personalised fountain pen

A vintage fountain pen is a must-have however inconvenient it might be to us. A personalised fountain pen with ink pots and a case can be a simple yet wonderful gift for any writer.

‘Writer’ bookend

Bookends provide great support in holding the books together in place. Bookends come in different designs. They come in writings as well. Gift ‘Writer’ bookend. It will be a great assent to the interior and make the recipient extremely happy.

Literary jewellery

A bracelet featuring a famous Shakespeare quote or a necklace with a line of Baron’s poem can be the ultimate desired accessory for writers. It is like acknowledging their talent and compilement with extraordinary jewellery pieces.

Themed cake

Literary themed cakes can give a theme to the whole party. Online cake store with expert cake chefs can tube life to bat design or pattern. The cake can be a surprise for the host as well as the guest.

Waterproof notepad

Dripping water can smudge important messages of the notepad. Waterproof notepads, just like any other notepad, are soft, easy to use but the quality of resisting water makes it a nice gift. Waterproof notepads can startle anyone and not just writers.

Books about writing

Help your friend flourish in his/her desired field. If they find solace in writing gift useful books about how to improve writing techniques and other hacks to become a cool writer. Writing is easy but becoming a writer takes the hard work of decades. These books will never be rendered useless as they can be passed down to people hungry for practical knowledge.

Clever coffee mugs

Coffee mugs with clever quotes and extracts can perfectly suit the wisdom of the writer. These mugs are affordable, fun and the lines written on them as quotes can also be personalised.

Noise-cancelling headphones

Even artists need creative breaks to restore their senses. Encourage your writer friend to take refreshing breaks between work by giving him/her noise-cancelling headphones that will keep distorting noise mikes away from him/her.

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